Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Indoor Workshop: Success!

The Stone Trust convened its first indoor Workshop on Sunday, May 6, at The Stone Trust Center, in Dummerston, VT. Designed for eight participants, this one-day Workshop welcomed walling enthusiasts from upstate New York, Connecticut, the Boston area, and all around Vermont. The Center, created to encourage lab-like focus, is the only indoor facility of its kind in North America.

Special thanks to The Works, Main Street, Brattleboro, for donation of bagels and coffee.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two-Day Outdoor Workshop, May 19-20

Saturday, Sunday, May 19-20, 2012. 8:30-4:30, rain or shine.
Dutton Farm Road, Dummerston, VT
Instructors: Chris Tanguay, DSWA Master Craftsman certification, and Matt Carter, DSWA Advanced certification.
Fee: $300

The two-day hands on workshop is designed to teach homeowners and tradespeople the structural techniques involved in building and restoring a historic field stone wall. The outdoor classroom provides the setting for practicing proper dry stone walling methods, including safety, batter, hearting, throughs, and coping. Knowledge gained will prepare students for their own projects and help train their eyes to identify proper walling techniques in all walls.

To register: contact Jared Flynn, 802.579.6811, jared.flynn@thestonetrust.org

Limited on-site housing is available. Please check our website for more details. thestonetrust.org

Workshop September 2011. Final pose.

NEW! One-day Indoor Workshop

Sunday, May 6, 2012, 8:30-4:30 
The Stone Trust Center, at Scott Farm, Dummerston, VT
Fee: $200 (limit 8 participants)

The Stone Trust Offers this indoor Workshop for interest and improving dry stone wallers. Unlike in an outdoor workshop, participants work in a laboratory setting: the atmosphere is more controlled (fewer bugs, no poison ivy or rain), materials are pre-constructed and hand chosen. Learning opportunities are clearer, cleaner, and offer fewer distractions. While in The Center, students can see materials in all stages and levels of construction. The indoor classed provides a focussed setting for practicing the entire array of dry stone walling techniques.

To register: contact Jared Flynn, 802.579.6811, jared.flynn@thestonetrust.org.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dummerston Hiking Trails: Dry Stone Workshop

On Saturday morning, October 22, about 15 people gathered at the Dummerston Town Pound for the start of a day-long Workshop on dry stone walling. Workshop instructors Dan Snow (Dummerston) and Dave Goulder (Scotland) welcomed eleven participants from all over the northeast.

Thanks to Lynn Levine for talking with participants about local ecology. Thanks to Jared Flynn for serving as Workshop steward. Thanks to the Town of Dummerston for welcoming the day's hikers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

35 Feet Added!

A baker's dozen of energetic participants.
Inspiring outdoor site, complete with classic Vermont views.
Two days of wonderful weather.
Two fine instructors.
Stone. Plenty of stone.

Result: A wonderful Dry Stone Walling Workshop that added 35 feet of wall, four feet high, to the ever-lengthening wall across from the Dutton Farm House in Dummerston, VT.

Special thanks to the following for their support: 
Workshop steward: Joshua Barwick
Workshop instructors: Jared Flynn, Andrew Pighills
Dutton Farm House hospitality: Landmark Trust USA, Scott Farm

Bravo to all!

Preparing for the final course.
Instructor Andrew Pighills. On the line.

Sunday afternoon. That sense of satisfaction.